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Seo Ji-soo

Have you ever heard of a job called "professional gamer"? Obviously, you will be more surprised to know that a girl can to do this profession very well and even kick boys butt in their own game.

Yes, playing games is the daily work of Seo Ji-soo, a member of South Korea's StarCraft team that has participated in various international championships. Her greatest accomplishment as a gamer was when she successfully won the TV Female League championship three times and ranked third in the Asian Championship ESWC Masters 2009.

On, July 17, 2012, she officially retired from progaming and she is now running a cybermall called 'tossgirl'.

Ms. Seo played under the alias ToSsGirL (Terran, STX Soul) and was first introduced to Starcraft by her father in 1999. ToSsGirl and her sister Seo Ji-Seung "ZergGirl" both started to play avidly. At first, her sister, ZergGirl, was able to beat her but she continued to practice because she wanted to beat her sister. After she accomplished this, Tossgirl switched races from Protoss to Terran.

She continued to play StarCraft and was fascinated by the professional tournaments on television. At 16, after seeing Boxer play on TV, she decided that she wanted to become a progamer. When she told her dad, he said he wished he had never introduced her to StarCraft. Undeterred, she continued to play and would sneak out at night to play in local tournaments around Seoul.

In 2001 at age 17, ToSsGirl qualified for the female WCG tournament and showed good standings in preliminary rounds of other tournaments. The next year, ToSsgirl got into her first major tournament which was hosted by Ghem TV. She was able to get into the top 8 of this tournament twice and by doing so she became qualified to receive her Progaming License. From there, she was picked up by the STX Soul progaming team where she has remained since.

In 2003 she was able to win the gameTV female league and also made headlines by beating FreeMura, the first OSL winner, in minorleague (he then retired). She subsequently won the gameTV female league in 2004 and in 2005. In 2005, Tossgirl also beat [NC]YellOw in the WCG preliminary round. At this time, [NC]YellOw was considered one of the top progamers.

After the disappearance of female leagues in late 2005, Tossgirl has continued to play in regular tournaments with limited success. Her most prominent victories in recent years were beating Modern 2-0 in the GomTv Classic, the first win by a female in a KESPA sanctioned tournament and in 2009 she was able to beat Max in the MSL Preliminary round.

In 2009 she played in e-Stars Seoul StarCraft Heritage League 2009. After a dramatic loss in first game against Yellow, she defeated Reach in her second game, which was a substantial upset. In the 2010 Spring OSL preliminaries, ToSsGirL beat GoRush, one of the top players from 2001-2004. However, she later lost to Stats in the preliminaries.

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