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Brazilian Beauties

Host Brazil may have lost the 2014 FIFA World Cup, it remains the winner when it comes to the world's most beautiful faces. In the land of samba and futebol, the beautiful game shares the country's abundance of beautiful people. When you scan the crowd at the cavernous Estadio do Maracana or the remote jungle stadium of the Arena Amazonia, you will find young and fresh faces with such beauty that will put a smile on your face.

The reason may be because of the multicultural and multiracial makeup of the country with native Indian tribes and descendants of African slaves, colonial Portuguese, and immigrants from Italy, Germany, Eastern Europe and as far as Japan contributing to what Brazilians look like.

The World Cup has provided us with some fantastic matches, great goals and memorable moments. While we may be glued to the dramatic scenes on the pitch, we are also entertained by the colorful fans on the stands as well.

Even if you don't watch the game live, the cameramen never hesitate to focus their lenses on the beautiful women on the crowd, it doesn't matter if they are bonafide football WAGs or just ordinary women just enjoying the game. In fact, careers and so-called "15 minutes of fame" were made when these women are captured on film and video. Just ask last World Cup's Paraguayan siren Larissa Riquelme and this tournament's sensation Axelle Despiegelaere.

The jubilation of victory and the agony of defeat, Brazilian fans were there to the end!

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