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Capturing the Beauties in the Crowd

It is so amazing that the cameramen that covered every action of every single FIFA World Cup game have never ceased to miss capturing the beautiful women, the lovely faces and the hottest babes from the crowd. The way they scour every single person and separating the best faces from the noisy crowd away from smelly, drunk men is beyond belief.

These women may be nameless beauties that we may never know but the power of social media has let us to find out who they are. Even better than what the NSA or the CIA has been doing, perhaps more effective than the predator drones who were tasked to search big-time terrorists. Without further ado, here are the best captures of women caught in the act - being beautiful in the beautiful game. These cameramen have the best job in the world if I may say!

A Croatian fan

Who do you think is the most beautiful between the three?

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