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Axelle Despiegelaere

Eden Hazard may be the best Belgian player in the 2014 FIFA World Cup but there is one person that has captured the imagination of people who watched the games, a 17-year-old fan who came to Brazil to support the Les Rouges Diables. Her name? Axelle Despiegelaere.

Amidst the samba-dancing atmosphere and the canary-yellow-clad crowd of the stadium, she stand out with her classic blonde beauty and radiant smile. Not to mention, the colorful costume she wear when she goes to the games in support of her country. As usual, the camera never ceases to take a picture of her to check out her awe-inspiring look and her sweet smile.

Out from nowhere, she emerged as the most popular personality in the World Cup. In fact, even popular than the team she's supporting. No longer just a face in the crowd, L'Oreal even gave her a modelling contract only to be taken away after a photo of her surfaced showing herself hunting in Africa. Talk about 15 minutes of fame.

While we revel at the beautiful game, we will see more of her.

A photo posted by Axelle Despiegelaere (@axelledespiegelaere_official) on

A photo posted by Axelle Despiegelaere (@axelledespiegelaere_official) on

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