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Taiwan's Sexiest Popiah Maker

Photos and videos of the sexy ice cream popiah maker have been circulating the web, particularly in Singapore and Japan. Who is this girl?

Apparently, the girl is named "Cindy" and has gained so much popularity that she has been invited to appear in television shows after her YouTube video went viral in Singapore and Japan. The hosts and audience were captivated by her looks, charm and appeal, not to mention her skill in making yummy crepes.

Rumors even swirled that men from as far as the United States and Europe have shown willingness to fly to Taiwan just to see her in the flesh. One netizen even posted on social media that he will be more than happy to buy all of Cindy's crepes everyday just to be able to talk to and rub elbows with her.

Enjoy a closer look at the world's most beautiful popiah girl:

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