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The Most Beautiful Face You Never Know

What if you are the most recognizable woman in the world and your face is plastered in various billboards, magazines, websites, and advertisements? But no one knows who you are.

Meet Ariane, the Canadian stock photo model that has become the face in most ads you can possibly stumble upon. She's been spotted in health-care campaigns in Peru, selling Jamba Juice in the U.S., on Amway race posters in the Philippines, on Sea Air's website, as the face of radio stations in Germany, and in countless magazines around the world.

Just like Jesper Bruun, she has been dubbed as the most overexposed model in the world because most people recognize her but no one knows her name. Unlike Jesper, she decided to remain anonymous despite her rising popularity. In fact, there is a site specifically dedicated to sightings of Ariane.

She looks a little bit like Kristin Kreuk from "Smallville" and indeed, she's a mixed-race Chinese with a French-Canadian father.

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