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Claudia Vieira

Cláudia Patrícia Figueira Vieira, more popularly known as Claudia Vieira, is a Portuguese actress, model and television presenter who is best known for being the cover girl in the Portuguese editions of "FHM" and "GQ" magazines. She regularly features in the Portuguese advertisement for French car manufacturer Renault.

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Ms. Vieira had her first acting role as a minor character in the comedy series "Maré Alta," where she appeared in 16 episodes. She also landed her first major lead role where she played the character of Ana Luísa Rochinha in season two of "Morangos com Açúcar."

She made her feature film debut in the Portuguese thriller "Contrato," where she played a character called Júlia.

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Following the end of the second season of "Ídolos" in 2009, Ms. Vieira became the new presenter for the third season of the talent show alongside João Manzarra. In 2011, after a four-year hiatus from telenovelas, she starred in "Rosa Fogo" where she played the character of Maria Azevedo Mayer. After three seasons as the presenter of "Ídolos," the show was cancelled as a result of SIC commissioning the Portuguese version of the "The X Factor" in September 2013.

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Ms. Vieira currently plays the lead role in the soap opera "Sol de Inverno," where she plays the character Andreia.

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